It may be more convenient, but you Canada Goose Parka need to

Burglars Use Garage Door Openers To Breach Home Security

It’s not a canada goose outlet sale new trick, but it works. Burglars break into cars, sometimes just by opening unlocked cars, press the garage door opener button, and walk canada goose outlet right into the house. Most homeowners don’t realize that the garage opener is one of the most successful home canada goose uk shop burglary tools used frequently by smart Canada Goose Outlet thieves, and the easiest way to breach home security. Breaking into a car is quicker and easier than breaking into a house, plus it can be used as a hiding place. If you open the canada goose outlet toronto factory garage and no one makes Canada Goose Jackets a sound, the home is either canada goose outlet in usa empty, or everyone is asleep. Many families leave the door between the garage and the house unlocked at night, viewing it as more of an “inside door” and canada goose factory outlet less of a security door.

In Covington, Washington, a neighborhood canada goose outlet black friday near Seattle, there has been a recent spike in canada goose outlet jackets the number of burglars using garage door openers to break in to homes. One Covington resident, Dave Neale, described the burglary canada goose outlet online that took canada goose outlet shop place while he and his family slept. Burglars found the garage door opener in his car, used it to open the garage, and walked right into his home. After taking credit and debit cards from a purse on the first floor, the headed upstairs where the family was fast asleep. Their dog heard the burglars, began barking, and scared them away. Neale said that he canada goose jacket outlet usually locks cheap canada goose uk his home and car doors, and sets his home security system at night, but he skipped it that canada goose clearance night due to visiting relatives. It is scary to consider what actions the burglars may have taken if the dog did not bark. Most clear headed burglars do not want to confront homeowners, but these thieves headed straight upstairs.

Never leave a garage door opener in the car. It may be more convenient, but you Canada Goose Parka need to keep it in a purse or handbag, or inside the house overnight. Always used security systems with loud alarms. Burglars can strike day or night, and you need to protect your home at any time. Always lock the door between goose outlet canada your home and attached garage. This is not a convenience door; it is a door that provides security. If your door is flimsy or doesn’t lock, consider replacing it with a steel door that has a deadbolt. canada goose coats on sale Never leave a spare key in your garage, canada goose canada goose coats outlet in a fake rock, or under the front door welcome mat. Every burglar knows how to look for these too.

Keep your family safe and secure at all times. Burglars never take a night off, so you shouldn’t ever take a night off from your vigilant cheap canada goose home security measures either.

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